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On smellof.design you can purchase furniture and objects for the home and services related to interior design.
smellof.design is an e-commerce website which doesn’t only offer furniture, but is also an active communication tool between those who are interested in interior design and an expert in the field. I will be delighted to chat about design and to perhaps even give some free advice before you even purchase anything.

Purchasing goods

You may choose to purchase several pieces and decide if you’d like them all to be delivered together or if you’d prefer for each piece to be delivered individually, based on the different manufacturing and delivery times of each producer. Once you have finalized your choices, you’ll be asked to confirm your list and then you’ll be able to select your payment method. The goods will be delivered to the address you have chosen within a given time. You will be alerted by e-mail twenty-four to forty-eight hours prior to delivery.

Purchasing services

You may choose to purchase consulting services, the cost of which is listed under “How I imagine your home.” You can simply upload pictures and information as described on the “How I imagine your home” page. You’ll then receive a confirmation e-mail and in a few days a conceptual project will be proposed to you, which will include one three-dimensional image (perspective) as a sketch or photo rendering and a list of recommended furniture pieces. The ‘conceptual project’ proposed should not be considered comprehensive and does not substitute an actual technical design project, which would require a more in-depth study and/or a professional on-site survey. The image that will be sent to you will be for the sole purpose of sharing ideas as well as esthetic and stylistic choices. It’s up to the client to get the correct measurements of the spaces and of the objects purchased that will be placed in the living space. Otherwise, upon request, a private consultation could be arranged via e-mail, skype, or telephone which would include a site-survey or a more in-depth project, subject to prior agreement on scheduling and costs.


It’s possible to return goods, an entire order or individual pieces, for any reason based on Italian Law. Notice of returning goods must be sent via e-mail to customercare@smellof.design within 14 days following the delivery of goods (weekends and holidays included.) In that case, the customer has a right to a full refund or to a partial or total replacement of goods based on availability. Delivery costs for the returned goods shall not be refunded. Any refunds shall be made by bank transfer or Paypal upon request within ten days of the reception of the returned goods.


In case of defective goods or deviations from the order made, if communicated within 14 days of the receipt of goods, those goods will be replaced with other articles with the same features, finish and color requested, without additional delivery costs. In case the same items are no longer available, you can make another order of equal value or request a complete refund, free of charge, by bank transfer or Paypal upon request.


The cancellation or modification of an order is possible depending on production and delivery times, which can be different for each item. We will make it our priority to satisfy all requests, as total customer satisfaction is our greatest concern, however it will no longer be possible to stop orders which have already begun the shipping process. In that case, it shall be necessary to wait for the delivery of goods and follow the procedure as described in “RETURNS.” Any cancellation or modification of order request must be made by e-mail to customercare@smellof.design .


Delivery times can vary for each item, in general we will proceed with a production order as soon as we receive a customer order at www.smellof.design. Some items may be available for immediate delivery (as written on the product description) and therefore can usually be delivered to the customer address (if in Italy) within two or three days. If more than one item is ordered, the customer can choose whether to have all the items grouped into one shipment (which generally means a slightly longer delivery time) or to have each item delivered individually, based on the specific production and delivery time of the items.