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Simona Melli

Architetto & Designer

born on: January 06, 1987
lives in: a
email: info@smellof.design
education: M.Des.
phone: +16578 987 05

My name is Simona Melli, I’m an architect and interior designer, and I started this site in order to share my passion for architecture and design.  I’ve designed and brought to life many villas, apartments, private swimming pools, and much more throughout Italy and abroad.

What really counts, more than so-called good taste (remember that everything which creates a new and ultimately winning taste at first goes against the grain of what is considered good taste) is taste itself, which is the desire to love and recognize good blood in your veins, to live passionately with enthusiasm! Modernity doesn’t mean taking on four new square-shaped pieces of furniture! It means living with all-around interest in all fields- especially in art and culture—which are expressed by our time.
Gio Ponti, Domus, novembre 1933

Together with my team, I’ll propose simple and functional pieces, but also cutting edge objects designed by up-and-coming designers, or objects hand-made by expert craftsmen and small companies on the rise, anything that will make your living space unique.
This site is a blog for talking about interior design, but is also the first furniture e-commerce site that goes beyond proposing a mere catalogue of objects but also offers the excitement of a living space designed just for you.  All of this while you are sitting comfortably in front of your computer screen, or on the train with your smartphone, or after work sitting on your sofa (maybe even the very one you’d like to refurbish…)