I love September! I love this month not only for the cooling of the evenings that finally, after the agostana rays, become fresher or the colors of nature that become softer; I love September because it is the true principle of the year, the true New Year. And already in the second half of August I want to organize the agenda of good intentions: with the light head for the summer just enjoyed, the abbrivio of the holidays reveals the best of themselves, the importance of time spent on regenerating the quality of life. What better time then to finally improve your home? Why not renovate the living room, create your son’s room, buy a flat or garden house that you’ve always dreamed of?
That your maturity is the new kitchen by Christmas or the improvement of your house’s energy performance by the end of the year (to enjoy the 2017 tax breaks), or buying a home to enjoy the garden next spring … here it is! For all these goals, September is the good time! September is the month of good intentions, of the best projects! Get ideas, insights, and suggestions on magazines and social issues, help from consultants and experts to find the right solution to your needs.

Thanks to the widespread use of social like Pinterest and Instagram, platforms like Divisare, Houzz, Homify, and various Homeidea, Homepolish, Homeadore, Hometrotter …. (!), and the websites of the most important architecture and furniture magazines, the main problem is not to find cues and pictures of beautiful homes, references and inspiration for taste and home-specific solutions.

The bigger problem is not to get confused, make it clear in the magnum sea of online furniture offerings and house style options.


If you are going to buy a home in an agency but are not sure that the chosen apartment can become as you want it, if you do not know which chairs to match your table, if you want to rearrange your home but do not know how it might become, entrusted professionals. For example, our design studio is able to offer you ideas and ideas on specific topics, including simply online with photos and quick references you will share with us.

If you are interested in the ideas for yourself, evaluated and proposed on your specific needs, we have all the tools, software, but above all the experience and the ability to prepare you a quick and easy base project ( so cheap), able to put your needs and desires in the middle of space.

And we do it first of all thanks to our new app (click here to see our new app)

Just answer 7 questions of our quiz (through which you will send us all the material we need to start designing your home) and we will send you a well-defined technical project and some 3D images of your rebuilt space.

Do not settle for yourself, claim the quality of the space around you: to get it, just find out the project we have in mind for you.


Note: The cover photo is of our own design and taken by Jacopo Ferrari, the moodboard is designed by our design studio and related to another one of our projects, the photos inside the article are retrieved on Pinterest

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