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Smellof Design is your solution for interior design projects and consulting.

Our architects are experts in achieving all kinds of work, step by step.

From design to fulfillment of the project, the customer is never alone.

We know how frustrating it can be to get started on a project or in the decorating of a space: bureaucratic paperwork, decisions to be made quickly, results that are sometimes slow in arriving. Smellof Design was created to ease our customers burden from all these problems and allow them to focus on what they want to achieve. Our architects are involved in every stage of implementation: from idea to the ultimate achievement of the project.

  • A new house that needs to be decorated, a space that needs to be imagined, a restructuring: let’s talk about your project;
  • An architect’s PROJECT. We give shape to your idea;
  • An expert’s ADVICE. We follow every step of the project in order to keep things going in a quick and easy way.

We’ll guide you along in the discovery of materials, craftsmanship, furnishings, as well as unique and innovative architectural solutions. So that your idea can become a reality thanks to our collaboration.