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At Smellof Design we believe that decorating a living space means first of all making it the right fit for those who are going live there, in the aesthetic as well as practical choices.

A living room or a bedroom should be spaces that are comfortable to live in, places where you are happy to spend time because you are surrounded by the most beautiful and functional pieces of furniture.

That’s why the first step of any project is to listen to your story and your projects. Because only then can we really meet your needs and decorate a room in a way that it says something about the people who live there.

At Smellof Design we decorate every kind of space: from the kitchen to the terrace, even bathrooms and walk-in closets.

We take care of all the details that make a room unique:

  • LIGHTING, the light that illuminates a living space is essential for experiencing it in the right way;
  • FABRIC, cloth and textile objects for the kitchen, living room, bathroom;
  • ARCHITECTURAL TOUCHES, floors, walls and ceilings, bathrooms, sinks, doors and windows, verandas;
  • FURNITURE, closets, chests of drawers and bedside tables, consoles and desks, dressers and cupboards, sofas and armchairs, sofas and sofa beds, double beds and a king-size beds, single beds, bookcases, entertainment centers, tv stands and shelves, benches, chairs and tables.

Our designers work daily to discover new entities of local craftwork, rewarding the excellence of the made in Italy tradition. But we are not limited by national boundaries. Our experience in the industry has also led us to deal with foreign markets and we are able to offer specific advice in this area.