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At Smellof Design we believe in a new dimension in design and furnishing consultation.

For Smellof Design, carrying out a project or decorating a space is like telling a story, it’s like immersing yourself in a world and then bringing it to life with materials.

Our idea of consulting is based on listening to the customer and the sharing of a project.

Our architects and designers are able to provide personalized consulting on every aspect of a project. From the details on how to get started to realistic estimates of the necessary costs.

At Smellof Design we believe that there can be no innovation without tradition. That’s why we blend the use of the latest technologies with an ongoing study of the traditions of our industry, of craftsmanship, and of the ability to create unique, high-quality objects.

Our designers are able to offer:

  • 3D projects;
  • virtual reality: we make the most of the latest innovations in the field;
  • cardboard: we use this tool in order allow our clients the ability to see our projects.

These are some of the tools that we use to serve our clients, from their own story to their own project.