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Offering the best advice when it comes to design means both knowing the history of architecture and keeping abreast of the latest industry trends.


Our experience has allowed us to get to know and use many of the best-known and highly-requested styles of recent years.

  • Scandinavian style, tastes and traditions of Northern Europe. Natural light, light colors, white wood, large windows.
  • Vintage style, original living spaces with a retro charm.
  • Shabby chic, romantic and elegant. The style of the moment.
  • Oriental style, from zen gardens to futons to the traditional tatami. A style with an ancient tradition.
  • Urban style, an openly metropolitan way of decorating that stands out for its almost industrial atmosphere with wide-open spaces, exposed brick, and the use of materials such as iron.

These are some examples of the most popular styles in recent years but let’s not forget the all-time classics such as Art Deco, Ethnic, Art Nouveau, Modern style, Classic style, Empire style, and many more.


Once the decorating style (if there is one) has been defined,  our designers select the best design elements. Attention to detail is our top concern and we study the best materials to use for each space:

  • Terracotta for internal and external flooring,
  • Corian for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Leather, the finest workmanship for a typical element of the Italian tradition. For upholstery, finishing touches and furniture accessories.
  • Linen, velvet, cotton: the best fabrics for details that decorate
  • Metal, wood, marble: the pillars of furniture and decorating.

For us at SmellofDesign each detail is of the utmost importance; every single element helps make a living space unique.