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From the kitchen to the patio, even the walk-in closet: each space in the house requires its own specific attention when it comes to decor.

For Smellof Design decorating means creating comfortable spaces which are also able to tell the story of the people who live there. That’s how a Smellof Design space sets itself apart from the rest: for the story it tells, for its attention to detail, for its unique and refined furnishings.

Our designers select elements by following very specific guidelines:

  • QUALITY of the materials: we personally check the quality of the objects we propose;
  • LOCAL CRAFT TRADITION: we know the territory and the ways and materials used in small-production, high-quality craftmanship;
  • INNOVATION: we are constantly looking for new businesses and designers who are able to blend traditional craftsmanship with innovative new methods;
  • DESIGN: modern and refined design;
  • FURNITURE made in Italy: we prefer those design elements which are made in Italy, though we do work with foreign designers, too.

We know the artisans and small craft industries with whom we work and with many of them we share the values of constantly seeking quality materials and workmanship.

Our designers are able to provide advice for interiors (living room, bedroom, bathroom, closets, kitchen) as well as for outdoor spaces such as patios, terraces, and gardens.