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Ikea e Apple ally to revolutionize the world of home shopping.

There are still a few weeks left to prepare ourselves for the idea of ​​furnishing a home behind the camera of our Iphone. The fruit of the union of the two world giants is a new application


that aims at the Ikea furniture market revolution.
Ikea Place will allow us to choose, place, try, and in the future also buy Swedish furniture directly from our devices, strictly Apple!

The app developed by the ARkit for Cupertino bigs uses virtual reality to guide customers to the purchase. The procedure is easy: just take a picture to the room, choose the furniture from the Ikea catalog, insert it and the game is done. The end product will be an image that combines the reality of our room with the selected furniture and inserted at the right point, with shadows of light and proportions, a real high resolution rendering at the reach of everyone.

The products at the time of launch, which is scheduled for next fall, will be 500/600 but the promise is to include each piece of the Ikea catalog and get the purchase right after making the rendering and getting convinced from that.
Ikea Place will turn on the very iOS11 and the two outputs should take place concurrently. Ikea addicted will virtually join apple fans in this alliance between colossi downloads will be secured.

We professionals look forward to discovering the true potential of the app and we look forward to experiencing it and making us overwhelmed by this home shopping revolution.
However, we remain convinced that the tailor-made project, the personalization of the idea, are and will be the exclusive concern of professionals, interior designers and architects who can listen to customers, give shape to desires, and propose unexpected solutions.

We just have to wait for the launch and in the meantime spend the Sundays at Ikea for maybe some weekend yet.


Cover image taken from ElleDecor.it

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